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        ● It’s good for your children! When parents are plugged into their school, kids do better.
        ● You’ll get connected! You’ll have opportunities to meet and interact with parents, teachers, and       

           students. You’ll hear about and have input into important decisions.
        ● You’ll make a difference! By volunteering, you’ll use your valuable skills to create and foster the

            most educational environment possible for your children.
        ● It’s fun! You’ll connect with a group of people who are also concerned about creating a good social

           environment for their children. You’ll have opportunities to plan and attend family social events.
        ● You’ll be a role model! Your children will see you taking a stand for education for them and their

            peers, and chances are, they’ll do the same.
        ● You’ll help raise funds! You’ll help plan and raise funds to improve the overall quality of the school.
        ● You matter and we are grateful for any level of help! Your ideas and opinions help improve the

           quality of education.  We’re flexible and appreciate any help, any time, and in any amount.

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Why Join the McKinleyville Schools PTO