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McKinleyville Schools PTO Leadership

​​The following is a list of PTO positions (Executive Board and Board) that help make McKinleyville schools great schools with our fundraising support, events and community service.   

If you are interested in a position but would like to know more before committing, please consider attending the monthly MSPTO meetings and/or feel free to contact the current position holders to shadow them during the school year.

2018-19 Board and Program Leaders
Executive board positions have a year commitment. You can download the Nomination Flyer

President (Executive Board):  Brian Crowell  (
The president directs affairs of the PTO in cooperation with members of the executive board and does the following:

• Presides over PTO meetings.
• Builds an effective PTO team.
• Serve as the primary contact for the School Board
• Delegate responsibilities to board members.
• Determine the agenda in cooperation with the secretary.
• Maintain a fair and impartial position at all times.
• Represents the PTO at necessary meetings.
• Signs all contracts, orders and vouchers.
• Serves as ex-officio on all committees.

Vice President for each site (Executive Board):  
for Dow’s Elementary School:
  Tracy Shumard  (
for Morris Elementary School:  Anna Som (
for McKinleyville Middle School:  ​Natalie Giannini  ( 

A Vice President shall represent the interests of their assigned school site. The Vice President shall have a student enrolled at the site they are charged to represent The vice-president, who may be called upon at any time to temporarily assume the place of the president, should make a thorough study of the president’s duties and responsibilities, and be familiar with the work of the association and does the following:

• Presides at meetings in the absence of the president or upon the inability of the president to serve.
• Assumes the duties of the president in the event of the president’s resignation until the position is filled in accordance with the bylaws.
• Acts as an aide to the president and assumes responsibility for duties assigned by the president.
• Performs any other specific duties that may be provided for in the bylaws or standing rules.
• Represents the president upon request.    
• Serve as the primary contact for the Principal and the School Site Council of the school they represent.

Treasurer (Executive Board):
  Kim Reynolds  (    
The treasurer is responsible for the control and accounting of the PTO funds, and does the following:

• Maintains the full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures.
• In accordance with the budget adopted by the local PTO unit, makes disbursements as authorized by the president and/or board/program leaders.
• Presents a financial statement at every monthly board PTO meeting, and at other times when requested by the board and shall make a full report at the meeting at which new officers officially assume their duties.
• Maintains all PTO financial accounts and records.

Secretary (Executive Board): 
Julie Giannini Previde  (    
The secretary is responsible for keeping accurate records of the proceedings of the organization and does the following:

• Records all business transacted at each meeting of the organization and presents the minutes for approval at the next meeting.
• Has on hand for reference at each meeting a copy of the local bylaws and standing rules; the agenda; the minutes of previous meetings, including treasurer’s reports; a list of committees, including names of member of committees.
• Acts as custodian of all records and promptly delivers all records to their successor.
Members at Large (3) (
Board): David Gross (

                                                   Monica Brock ( 

                                                   Mandala Lakey (